Steven Bub - Solutions Architect


I have been a Sales Engineer/Solutions Architect for over 15 years. I have experience in the fields of Cloud infrastructure design, datacenter architecture, security and network engineering.

I currently work for Splunk, a technology company best known for it's Data Analytics software for searching, monitoring, analyzing, and visualizating machine-generated data via a Web interface. Splunk has market leading applications in areas as diverse as Security (SIEM, UEBA, SOAR), DevOps & Observability (RUM, Synthetics, APM, ITOM), as well as compliance & fraud, IT Operations Managment, among other use cases.

Some examples of Splunk differentiators include:

Recently I have been learning front and back end Web design via Coding Dojo. This includes "full stack" web development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Jquery as well as backend technologies like Python, MySQL, and Django. Through this process I have become much better aquainted with CI/CD processes such as github and bitbucket.